Mira Yogshala was established to help people rediscover their body and transform it in such a way that you will reconnect with the soul. We give utmost respect to the tradition and culture of yoga, therefore, we are based on the traditional teachings which give utmost benefits to people who practice it. We provide many courses which will benefit you even if you are a beginner and our yoga teacher training in India, will help you realize the dream of becoming a well-rounded teacher who can spread the value knowledge of yoga. The place where you experience yoga is very important to give optimum results and hence, the yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India will assist you with just that. This beautiful location which is considered as the birthplace of yoga, will give you a sense of tranquil and aid the goal of self-realization easier.

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Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is one of the ancient practices of Yoga. It is one of the methods used to gain total mastery of body and its function

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yoga teacher training in India

Alignment & Adjustment

Alignment and Adjustment is the process of understanding how to move in and out of each pose.

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yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India


We give high importance to pranayama as we understand that each and every part need prana to rejuvenate.

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A Mantra is a statement repeated continuously to bring our complete awareness to the present moment.

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Yoga Teacher Training August - 2018

Few Words By Our Students

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga allows you to reach the inner soul, where you have the answer and a remedy for every problem in the life. Our aim is to help you reach the soul by good practice and best tips which can transform your life completely. Yoga is known as the best solution for any complications in life, be it physical or mental by increasing the blood flow in the body and helps relieve stress which is the root cause of many issues these days.

Improves your flexibility

Frictionless body is the basic essence of our life. And Yoga helps us to achieve it.

Improves flow of Prana

In Yoga, prana is referred as a basic unit of LIFE. Proper flow of prana keeps us healthy.

Keeps calm

Keeping yourself calm is the biggest challenge in the present time.

Improved awareness

Most the accidents in our life are due to lack of awareness. And yoga brings a lot of awareness.

yoga teacher training in India

Improves our Personal Life

Yoga is a way to spend time with yourself. Giving time to yourself boosts our personal life.

Better Relationship

Yoga increases our acceptance and acceptance is basic need of a Happy Relationship

Stressfree Life

Yoga does not reduce our stress, rather it will increase our capability of handling stress

Professional Balance

Meditation helps in stabilizing our mind. And the stable mind can achieve anything.


200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

We at Mira Yogshala like do not hoard our knowledge gained from our gurus, but believe in spreading it to everyone, which will surely benefit the lives of people. Our yoga teacher training in India is formed with this in mind as it will provide the students a deep knowledge of yoga and its philosophies. The 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training program is customized to provide courses on Hatha yoga and Vinyasa, which will improve the self-development of the students. Our yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India will give you a chance to experience the serene location also known as the gateway of Himalayas.

yoga teacher training in rishikesh india


Our 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training program motivates all those who are keen to learn and teach. As yoga is a vast subject so we believe that in this course it is not only about Asanas and stretching but it is farther than that. To become a Yoga teacher, there are many subjects to study and learn, which we share with students at Mira Yogashala. This course includes Asanas, Pranayama, Kriya, Meditation, Philosophy, Anatomy & Physiology etc.

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In these modern days everyone wants to have peace of mind and for that, Retreat is a great alternate to Refresh and Rejuvenate. Our School offers a unique package of one and two weeks Retreat which is a balance of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Philosophy and nutritious yogis meal. Come and Experience the Peace and freedom of mind. We welcome all, you can join it individually and also can bring your group, we Love to share.

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Intensive Yoga Program suits to those who are dedicated to their Practice and want to deepen more into their subject. Program suits to both beginners and intermediate levels. Our Intensive programs are designed for one and two weeks which depends on the level of practice. It is a perfect balance of Asanas and Philosophy behind it. In this intensive program we work on body and mind alignment and also learn in detail. So do not wait to Experience and share it.

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