06-Feb-2019 Matra


Yoga is the art and science of healing and wellness. More the people explore the surprising benefits of yoga; there exists the constant need for qualified and experienced yoga teachers. Yoga works as an alternative healing practice both for the instructors as well as learners. In order to experience joy and witness the changes one needs in mental, physical and emotional health, they need to practice yoga on a regular basis.

Practicing yoga asanas can be overwhelming in the starting, and the leadership of an excellent yoga teacher is necessary to face that. People, who aspire to become yoga teachers and wants to share the joy of practicing yoga needs to undertake intensive course yoga teacher training.

Transforming self from a yoga student to yoga teacher is not something that happens overnight, and one needs to contemplate their motivation to teach yoga. Here are top three things that you lose after yoga teacher training.


The root cause of every sorrow is ego. Yoga training not teaches you the asanas, meditation, and mudras but also encourages you to live a healthy yogic life following yoga philosophies. Yoga practitioners often stay in a euphoric state where there is no place for words like greed and possessiveness. One of the most important things that they teach you in yoga teacher training classes is self-acceptance, release, and gratitude.

You will feel the magic of yoga when you start being grateful to those times when you are not being led by ego. Often in yoga, people spill out their inner demons and seek to heal. Over time and practice, the yoga teachers let go their ego-based fears. Yoga develops the ability to let go of the ego and makes you powerful and proud. A happy yoga practitioner would never complain and would feel content, free from any kind of negative emotion. Yoga enhances the acceptance of mind.


Anger increases the heart rate, blood pressure and the stress levels which dramatically affects the overall quality of life. Yoga not only shows a positive impact on the body but also in mind. Yoga helps you to calm down and manage anger issues. Practicing yoga regularly will make us go a long way towards helping ourselves in managing anger long term. Yoga has been valued for its healing qualities. It would be very surprising for the beginners to know yoga can be used to control anger and as well as stress. Yoga awakens the understanding of different types of anger and develops a way to drive our way out of it.


Fear stops us from realizing our own potential. Fear holds us back from experiencing true happiness without any constraints. There are so many ways to combat fear and yoga is the best of all. Yoga develops the ability to trust ourselves and protect ourselves with clear understanding. Yoga increases courage, confidence, knowledge and makes us realize our weaknesses and acts as a weapon to overcome or control fear.

Yoga makes us experience the things that we think we are scared of and removes the sense of fear completely. Yoga is the most powerful and fulfilling journey of self-improvement in every aspect of life. Yoga makes you ready to face any kind of event without getting restless. The package of asanas, pranayamas, meditation techniques and the ancient yoga philosophy helps people to recover and face new positivity and strength in life.

Acquiring the yoga certification vastly improves the employment prospects of individuals too. Teacher training is an incredible way to expand and still the mind. It teaches the obstacles we have to face and creates a positive frame of mind. The yoga teacher training helps you to move through life challenges and transit with better ease and less stress.