06-Feb-2019 Yoga


Yoga is found to be one of the most useful methods for achieving inner peace and balance in your life which is why it is no surprise that this ancient practice has been used around since ages to promote both your body and mental health. People often confuse yoga with body stretching but it is much more than that, it is about opening your mind and giving your senses a chance to relax.

A lot of people often think that a sportsman will end up wasting his/her time by practicing but in reality, cross-training is actually a great way to improve your performance. Studies have shown that sportsman who practice yoga frequently tend to perform better during matches and tournaments and are less likely to suffer from a breakdown during a championship. They also gain a balance and a level of endurance which can really help them in improving their performance

Yoga can have the following benefits on a sportsman which can really help them in upping their game in a championship:

Improved Mindfulness

Yoga requires focus and determination so it is not surprising that once you start practicing yoga daily, you end up with a better focus than before. Having focus is an essential requirement for a successful sportsman and yoga can help you with that. If you notice around then you will see that a lot of athletes work hard and train even harder to achieve their goals but only a select few actually make it to the top. Why is that?

The answer is quite simple, it is because of the mind. Practicing yoga daily can help athletes in achieving an awareness and consciousness which will greatly help them in improving their performance.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Many research studies have shown that practicing yoga every day can help in lowering stress and anxiety levels which are found to be one of the top reasons for an athlete’s poor health these days. When you are a sportsperson, you have to go through a vigorously physical and mental training which can sometimes take a toll on your mind.

This often results in a mental breakdown just before a major tournament which can negatively affect the sportsman’s reputation. Practicing yoga can avoid such scenarios and will allow you to relax and will ensure that you don’t let all your hard work go to an utter waste because of a little performance anxiety.

Improved Mental Endurance

You will also find that practicing yoga regularly can help in increasing your physical and mental endurance levels. This can be really beneficial to sportsmen as they tend to have long training days and often end up getting drained due to the long, hard sessions. The best thing about yoga is that once you open up your body and mind to it, it will mold your mind and body in such a way that you will find sports meditative too.

Yoga will teach you to pace yourself and learn how you can perform slow and steady so that you don’t burn yourself out. After you start practicing yoga, you will be able to control your mind and perform better on the field. Sport is a lot about your mind and once you are able to control it with your will, you will be able to perform better for a longer period of time.

Bring Positivity

A sportsman is under a lot of pressure at all times and can often feel quite negatively about his/her performance. Such negativity can work their way into their training sessions too and make them feel even more incompetent than before. Well, it is no surprise that the sportsman is unlikely to perform well under such conditions which will demoralize them even further.

This is where Yoga comes into play, yoga tends to bring peace and positivity in your life which can help you in staying enthusiastic about your performance. We all know that a happy and positive person is more likely to achieve his goal than a person who doubts his merit at every step. So, practicing yoga can help you in staying encouraged about your performance which will, in turn, help you in delivering an excellent performance.

Yoga is one of the best ways to transform your mind and body into something more positive and encouraging which can be really helpful in your performance during tournaments and competitions. So, make sure you practice Yoga regularly and see all the beneficial effects of yoga on your mental health for yourself.