06-Feb-2019 Yoga


Yoga has been known to transform and rejuvenate people. But have you ever wondered, if you could extend it to your workplace as well? Probably yes. Who knows it might help you just manage your team well! Let’s find out.

Yoga does not mean that you have to a non-conformist when it comes to leading standard business practices. On the contrary, top leadership requires that one be patient, calm and adaptive. Additionally, it does not harm anyone, in the long run, to just adopt a couple of holistic practices to make the business grow stronger and faster.

Yoga is meant to unite the heart and mind. That is what yoga means in its truest essence. Professionals need to deliver and they can do so only if they have a sharp mind that is trained to think and work fast. Similarly, a healthy body nurtured with love, care and discipline can give you unprecedented benefits. Yoga helps you achieve that in ways more than one.

Yoga does not count the success or failure rate. The only thing it accounts for is progress, irrespective of how it is achieved. What matters the most in such scenarios is that a leadership team in an organization provides room for experiment and create a less constrictive environment for growth.

Top business people definitely need Yoga to build a better company. One might ask how! Self-mastery is one of the key essentials of yoga. It builds the foundation where you could build up your skill set on. As a leader, it is paramount that your team looks up to you for establishing a vision, corporate culture, conviction and much more. How else are you supposed to lead them when inducing fear is just not an option!

Yoga has been known to clarify the vision that most CEOs in an organization need. Vision is what drives everyone. Isn’t that what your team counts on? A leadership role demands that you provide a roadmap to your followers. Your champion employees need that. Yoga practice on a regular basis ensures that it is not a blur. Neither your proposition nor your ideas. The vision can be realized if the intentions are attended to with care. If you are a leader and a teacher, you would do anything but reprimand your students or employees. After all, everyone has to take back something from the experience.

Distraction is a buzzkill. If you are in one of the leadership roles, you distraction can cause the business to tumble over no matter whatever the premise is. Therefore, like yoga demands that you be relaxed and calm in a pose such as Shavasana to minimise the distraction, being free from any distraction is essential so as not to lose the true mission and vision. If you fail, insecurities are bound to ensue among your immediate followers. Yoga builds the emotional intelligence which helps you stay stable and on track.

Yoga improves concentration and flexibility. As a top professional, one needs to deal with stressful deadlines, those phones ringing off the hook and the endless din of those meetings which have practically no productive outcome because people do not focus. Yoga practices such as meditation and breathing exercise help you get started with those calm effects which prove to be beneficial in the meetings that are usually daunting.

Did you know, activating your chakras gives you an elevated advantage of staying calm at work? So the next time a client screams at you, take that deep breath that you learned in the yoga class and deal with it. A smile is anyway a curve that sets everything right, doesn’t it?