06-Feb-2019 Yoga


Yoga is the holistic healing technique that will heal the body from within by strengthening the immunity. Yoga is the effective way to eliminate the negativity from the body that holds the soul captive. The regular yoga practice can alleviate the discomforts to give the flexibility back in the body.

But, food plays an important role in enhancing the results of yoga as it provides the essential nourishment to the body that can strengthen the immune system. The philosophy of yoga instructs a healthy food habit to see the magical effects of yoga in your life.

You have to understand that food is the integral part of the yogic life that takes you closer to nature and brings the balance in the body.

Food and its Influence on the Body

When you eat food it not only nourishes your body, it also controls your emotions and thoughts. The Ayurveda divides the food into three major group namely;

  • Satva (Energetic Food)
  • Rajas (Restlessness)
  • Tamas (Lethargic food)

Yoga advice you to have the Satvic food like green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, etc. that can purify the body by eliminating the toxic deposits. It will induce positive thoughts that will give the body and mind nourishment. The Rajas food is the tasty cooked food that when consumed in excess can lead to restlessness and hyperactivity.

The Tamas is the non-vegetarian, stale, excess oily food, etc. that is not good for the body as it can disrupt the natural cycle. If you have attended a yoga immersion program or a yoga retreat, you may have noticed that the food served at the center is organic food that is not cooked for too long and is healthy.

It will retain the nutrients in the food that can nourish the body. The yogis believe that the food has an important role in the meditation. Every food can affect the brain in different ways, so it is important to consume more sattvic food. The nutritious food like milk, almonds, lentils, dry ginger etc. will influence the brain cells positively to enhance the effects of meditation.

Right Food at Regular Intervals

You may think that having the satvicfood alone will enhance the yoga practices, but that is not true. It is important to have the right kind of food at regular intervals to obtain the appropriate nourishment to the body.

Overeating or binging of food can cause lethargic effects in the body that disrupts the natural rhythm of the body. Ayurveda guides you to follow certain rules that will assist in augmenting the effects of yoga in your life;

  • You have to eat four times a day at a regular interval of four hours between each meal.
  • You may have heard it several times, but never skip your breakfast. Breakfast is the important meal that starts the day on a positive note.
  • Never drink water while having food. You can drink it half an hour before the meal.
  • Never eat until your stomach is full. You must only eat half stomach food to ensure proper digestion.
  • Eat the cooked food within an hour to get the nutrients from it.
  • Eat a quantity that is enough for you. Never exceed or lower the quantity, which can cause adverse effects on the body.
  • Eat food that is easy to digest.
  • Always consume food in a calm environment with utmost concentration to get the maximum nutrients.Yoga practitioners believe that many diseases that affect you are the direct result of poor diet, malnutrition, and indigestion. Therefore, the food you consume must make your body healthy that will make your soul happy. If you want the maximum benefits of yoga in your life, then switch to the vegetarian diet that is highly nutritious.The antioxidants and fiber present in the food can improve digestion that ensures proper absorption of nutrients in the bloodstream. It will improve the immunity that will promote holistic healing in your body. A well-balanced diet will give you a strong body and sharp mind.