06-Feb-2019 Yoga


One often finds solace in solitude and in some way it contradicts the social behavior of human beings as well. In the words of Marcus Aurelius, a man who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world.

True to its essence, it is very much essential especially for human beings to live in peace and harmony with the subconscious inner self to attain self-enlightenment. The next question that pops up is how to attain the peace within? The answer is very simple, by being calm and relaxed, by being stress-free, by practicing yoga and meditation.

Yoga and meditation are two vital components that today are practiced with an aim to get a healthy body and mind. Daily practice of the art form not only makes you calm and peaceful but also ensures overall well being that is very much needed today.

Ensuring a peaceful mind makes you a stronger and better person to face the challenges of the world. Getting a peaceful inner self-makes you more positive and self-disciplined, hence aiming to get a peaceful and calm mind is the key to develop peace within oneself. There are numerous tips and tricks that would allow you to easily establish peace within yourself and they are discussed below in detail:

Get rid of the past and concentrate on the present rather than worrying about the future –

 This complicated sentence is the key to lead a calm and peaceful life. Try to accept each day as it comes rather than overloading the mind with unnecessary thought related to past and future. This not only burdens your mind but also restricts you to enjoy the present fully.

Understand yourself –

As a human being, we possess certain good qualities and certain bad ones. Try to analyze the good and bad for you to completely eliminate the negativity inside and bring out the positivity.

Patience and discipline is the key to success –

Keeping your calm in even difficult situations makes you a better person and it also changes the way one looks at other people around.

Understand the people around you –

Rather than judging people try to understand the views of others as well. This will make you more adjustable as a person and aims to develop inner positive thoughts as negativity about others is reduced considerably.

Meditation and yoga for inner peace –

Yes the key to having a stress free and calm mind, are yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation are art forms that aim to relieve a considerable amount of stress and tension from body, mind, and soul. This will make the inner self, calm and hence one can live peacefully from within.

Saying sorry or apologizing does not lower your self-esteem –

As a human being, we always tend to get self-obsessed at times and in the fist of anger say or do something that could hurt other sentiments. So, if you realize that your deeds or words have hurt others, apologize for the same instantly.

Inner self is nothing but the other side of you, which imitates the same emotions and feelings. Rather than feeling depressed on things feel more positive and calm from outside to get a relaxed and peaceful inner self. Meditation and yoga exist in today’s world as an effective form of exercise but it has existed for more than ages.

In ancient times, yogis used to practice yoga with utmost sincerity and dedication. This ultimately provides them with a healthy body as well as a calm and peaceful inner mind. Thus practicing yoga and meditation is one of the most effective yet simple forms of creating inner peace.