06-Feb-2019 Yoga


Yoga teacher training programs have been around for a while. If you have been looking forward to enhancing your experience with yoga over a professional course, a yoga teacher training program is the best way to channelize your passion. Not only it is one of the eye-opening experiences but also challenges to transform your lives in several ways. You could opt for a 200-hour teacher training program or even a 500-hour teacher training program to broaden your horizon. But, how do choose your yoga teacher training program? Let’s find out: 

Tips for selecting your YTTC

  • Certification is essential
    Yoga Alliance is one of the best academies which a yoga training school can be affiliated to. An international body for certification for a properly curated yoga teacher training program, they should be a go -to parameter for most of the yoga schools that you have been browsing.
    Most of the yoga trainers and students who have enrolled for the program want to practice professionally. Therefore, an insurance in place is necessary. In case the training program is not Yoga Alliance certified, you do not qualify for insurance either.
    Therefore, do not make the mistake of signing up for a random teacher training program which does not add any value to you.

  • You get to pick the timings you want to work for- it’s essential

We all have a hectic life which is practically sedentary and leaves no space for anything worthwhile. A yoga teacher training program that gives you the flexibility to choose from a range of timings is what you should look for. Be it early morning classes or the late evening ones, a yoga teacher training program should fit into your schedule with ease.
After all, you do not want to be running away from your everyday schedule to just adjust with the training program. It requires you to be dedicated and committed to the program. Therefore, find a time that gels in as part of the entire schedule.

  • Understanding Anatomy is more essential

How do you expect to master yoga if you do not what works for what? Every yoga teacher training program, not necessarily, focuses on anatomy. However, every certified course should ideally focus on one. Therefore, we recommend that you look up and do your research right.

There might be instances when you might find it difficult to even memorize the names of the poses and not focus on the anatomy, but it is essential that you do.

Understanding anatomy is a huge part of the training program for it opens your understanding of the human body and you can materialise your practice better than others.

  • Study History

A background check should be your priority. Most of the programs turn out to be more difficult than anticipated. However, being certified or affiliated to the Yoga Alliance, does not mean that it is top notch or the best one out there. Getting in touch with people who have already been trained at a particular place already that you have in mind.
Look up learner ratings and reviews online or even on the Yoga Alliance website which can give you sufficient information.

  • Do not mess with the balance

Yoga training should not be limited to postures only. The history, the science, the anatomy, art, philosophy, other nuances if taken into consideration, qualify it to be one of the best practices. You need to check for a program at an institute that does not mess with the balance of the practice.

Learn all that you can in the stipulated time. There are always a fixed set of hours that are allocated to the program and its subjects. Check and keep a tab on the same as well.