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Our main aim is to provide good practices and teachings of traditional yoga styles to the first-rate standards. To achieve this purpose, we have planned our yoga teacher training curriculum according to the guidelines set by Yoga Alliance, USA. Each module of the curriculum of Yoga TTC program meets the credentials of Yoga Alliance USA. We make sure that each of our students experiences a truly enlightening and holistic understanding of this yogic science.

Yoga teaching has need of skilled yoga teachers and systematic techniques for teaching yoga practices. It has been the constant effort of Mira Yogashala and its teaching team to develop an effective yoga teacher, Our Curriculum and yoga teacher training syllabus provides the quality skills of yoga education which are taught through proper training, self-study, and practice of its yoga participants. The curriculum of yoga teacher training courses are designed to teach yoga classes at the professional level, as well as, at a spiritual level.

When a yogi registers here and what inevitably follows is an eternal journey of mental, physical and spiritual enlightenment.

The different yoga courses offered here are 200 Hour, 300 Hour and 500 Hour Yoga TTC courses. Each of these yoga courses which has been followed by yoga students with the hard schedule and well-planned yoga curriculum.

Yoga Course in Rishikesh | 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

To meet the international credentials of teaching with Yoga Alliance, USA. Mira Yogashala, a registered yoga school in India imparts the training curriculum on the following areas of yoga.

  • Core principles of Hatha yoga
  • Joints exercises
  • Forward bending poses
  • Backward bending poses
  • Traditional sun salutation series
  • Moon salutation series
  • Kneeling poses
  • Standing poses
  • Inverted poses
  • Balancing poses
  • Twisting poses
  • Meditative poses
  • Relaxation poses
  • Purpose of mantras
  • What is Om?
  • Pronunciation of mantras
  • Meaning of mantras
  • Mantra for obstacle remover
  • Mantra for guru
  • Mantra of guiding light
  • Mantra for realization
  • Mantra for peace
  • Mantra for teacher/student
  • What is pranayama?
  • Qualities of breath
  • Ida, pingala and sushumna
  • Pranamayakoshas
  • Brahmari
  • Ujjai breathing
  • Kapalbati
  • Bhastrika
  • Sheetali and sheetkari
  • Nadishodhanam
  • 1:1, 1:2 and 1:4 breathing for emotional purification
  • Structuring and sequencing poses
  • Sanskrit names of poses
  • Manual / verbal adjustments
  • Modifications with props
  • Space considerations
  • Time considerations
  • Age considerations
  • Muscular system
  • Skeletal and joints system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Nervous system
  • Respiratory system
  • Safety during practice
  • Physiology
  • Nature of lunar energy, solar energy and neutral flow energy
  • History and origin of yoga
  • What is Hatha Yoga?
  • What is Ashtanga Yoga?
  • What is Raja Yoga?
  • Study of Sanskrit
  • Yogasutras
  • What is consciousness?
  • What are the gunas?
  • What is role of the mind?
  • What is mind and body?
  • Why we suffer?
  • Workshop on forward bending
  • Workshop on hip opening
  • Workshop on back bending
  • Workshop on twisting postures
  • Workshop on shoulder opening
  • Workshop on inversions
  • Instant Relaxation Technique (IRT)
  • Deep Relaxation Technique (DRT)
  • Quick Relaxation Technique (QRT)
  • Basic Meditation Technique
  • Cyclic Meditation
  • Trataka
  • Yoga Nidra

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