Between a Student and a Teacher, Its Always Teacher Learns More.

A good teacher is one who walk his/her talk. Knowledge is the only wealth which increase by sharing. A good teacher will follow the yoga practices in their life completely to achieve the balance in the body. You have to always practice what you preach to make a lasting impression in your life as well as your students. So, it is important to place firmly on the ground before imparting lessons.

Your true self always shines through your students so your skills will always reflect on them, hence, it is important to always keep updating your knowledge. Always aim for perfection by learning new styles which will suit you completely and hone the skills.

A good yoga practice can make your alignment good and relieve the stress accumulated in the body to feel the sense of peace. While you take a teacher’s training course, you will not just learn the asana but the philosophy behind each asana which will give an in-depth knowledge on it and the correct way to do it to get the best results. You will learn it properly to practice properly for your own safety and make it more effective. You learn the anatomy of yoga well to get the best results for your body.

A yoga course will always give a chance to meet people from all over the world which will give you unique experience where you deal with like-minded people. This will eventually lead to sharing knowledge and create bonds with people that may last a lifetime.

This course will also give you a chance to deepen your connection with yoga as well as the yogis which include both the teachers you learn from and your fellow pals. You will learn more about the techniques of meditation, pranayama and the poses of the body which is not explained well in a regular yoga class.

A good grasp of a subject is obtained when you have questions about them and you get the answer to your satisfaction which is possible in a yoga training course which has experienced teachers to guide you correctly. This course will encourage you to challenge yourself which will give your body more flexibility physically as well as mentally.

One of the best place to learn Yoga is at its birth place – Rishikesh in India, which will aid in relaxing not just your body, but your soul too. The calmness of the places will give you a breather from the everyday hectic life and you can focus on your health properly. This will assist in the self-development and promote your overall growth very efficiently.

You will realize your goal of a happy body as well as happy mind quite easily from this tranquil location. The people and teachers you meet there will support you in realizing the passion and find a unique style which you can share with others. In future, you can implement this effectively, safely and dynamically in your life as well as your student’s life.

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