3 Things you will gain after Yoga Teacher Training

Having immersed oneself in the yoga teacher training, it involves a great deal of time, selflessness and mindfulness. Becoming a yoga teacher not only requires you to get a certificate only but also a sense of compassion. The accreditation you get after completing 200-hour training program blends with a selfless gratitude and a passion for your work.

The experiences of every yoga teacher differ from person to person, however, one thing remains the same; a change in life! Yoga acts as a big life-changing experience for those who never imagined they could! Yet, with rigorous practice and a compassionate will to continue, they stand ahead of the line.

When you begin your yoga training journey, there is simply one thing that goes through your mind, to learn the stances, the headstands, and get flexible. However, when you have completed your training, you get to explore your caliber, your strength and your resistance power along with the yoga styles. There are three more things that you gain after yoga teacher training; Love, Gratitude, and Compassion.

  • Love

Yoga is a path to spirituality, mindfulness and understanding your physical structure. Unless you love your body, you can never walk on the path of yoga. A student experiences to undertake rigorous practice that contributes to frequent injuries as well. Despite facing the crucial circumstances, your love for your work makes you potent and confident. A yoga teacher has to love his work before he gets ready to preach. Unless you passionately love your work and praise it, you cannot succeed in this spiritual journey.

Despite getting many accreditations and certificates if you do not possess an emotional attachment to your work, you will become a great instructor.Therefore, love is the first quality you earn as an instructor.

  • Gratitude

Yoga is a powerful form where you learn the mindfulness of gratitude. Students, who have a depressing feeling, learn the art of gratitude through yoga. Gratitude gladdens the heart and teaches you to learn positivity. A yoga teacher training program not only teaches you the various styles of yoga but also gratitude to overcome the negative thoughts cultivating in your mind. For a yoga teacher, it is very important to learn the art of motivation. A student who comes to learn the skills from you is like soft clay which can be molded. As a yoga teacher, you have to learn the art of gratification so that you can pass the same to your students.

From a yoga teacher training program, you gain understanding by practicing gratitude to overcome the negativity of life. In your whole life, you are grateful to your family, your friends, and relatives for various reasons. When you discover yoga, you ascertain the exercise of gratitude as well. The mindful meditation in yoga leads you to recollect about the people you are grateful to and thank them for emotions.

  • Compassion

People who have undertaken yoga teacher training programs have found the training hard and nerve-wracking. However, those who have completed it have immersed as a confident human being. When you undertake training in a reputable institution, your standards are set high. There is no scope to compromise with the styles of yoga. The reason behind is that the reputation of the institution depends on the teacher they produce.

Adding up to the strict training programs, they are highly exacting and at times fatigue your body. Despite the tough schedule, you come out as a diamond because of your compassion and willingness to learn. You come across challenges and learn to balance your life through compassion.

Yoga is deeply transformative and affects one’s life gradually. You gain the art of becoming a great human and transform that of others with love, compassion, and gratitude!

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